The official language of Tanzania is Kiswahili. This is understood and spoken by a big majority of the country, as well as the many different tribal languages.

There is a wide understanding of the English language, and the majority of the people you will meet during your safari will speak English and understand English.

Tanzania is situated just south of the equator so the seasons are reasonably stabile all year round, but Jan/Feb is normally slightly warmer and June/July/August  slightly colder.

There are two rainy seasons in Tanzania. The long rains from end of March to May and the short rains in November/December.
During the rainy seasons the rain is often inconsistent, with short but heavy rainfall during the late afternoon/evening or night, while the day is normally warm and sunny.

We don’t recommend climbing Kilimanjaro during the rainy season, as visibility might be poor and it’s not as fun climbing/camping in the rain.

Certain hotels on Zanzibar will also be closed during rainy season.

Food and drinks
It is recommended to only drink bottled mineral water, in which we will provide you 2 liters of per day during your safari.

Other drinks such as soda and alcoholic drinks can be purchased in most shops, with a wide selection of both local and international wines, beers and spirits available.

The food in Tanzania varies depending on the location and as a general rule the more expensive the restaurant/lodge or hotel is, the better/safer the food will be.
Be wary of the food you eat, especially the first few days in Tanzania.

Most hotels/lodges have gift shops with a wide selection of local crafts/souvenirs and precious stones and Jewelry. During the safari you will also have opportunity to stop at one or more of the many roadside shops, where you can find souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends back home.

The local currency in Tanzania is the Tanzanian Shilling, where the rate of late has been around 1400 – 1550, - Tshs per 1, - USD. There are numerous banks and Bureau de change in Arusha, but we suggest that you withdraw some money prior to arrival if you fly in to Zanzibar or even Dar Es Salaam.

Credit cards are accepted at hotels and lodges, but only a few selected. It is recommended that you travel with sufficient funds with you in the form of either cash or travelers cheques .

We also recommend that you don’t change any money at the airport, as the rate at the airports is always lower than in town.

Photo: Zanzibar from coast