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Fredrik Huth Jensen, owner and guide with TAPAC Safaris will personally take it upon himself to ensure that YOU will get exactly what you are after when coming to Tanzania for your holiday of a lifetime.

What do you want to see and experience while on safari? Do you have any specific animals you would love to see, then tell Fredrik about it and he will try to plan the safari in areas where you might get to experience what you dream is all about!

Are you a true camper, that prefers the simplicity of the bush, with your meals cooked over the barbeque or a simple gas cooker, then TAPAC camping is something for you. We organize private camping trips, where you stay at designated camping spots within the national park. Just you, the nature and the wildlife. The absolute best way of getting close with nature.

Are you a true camper, who also prefers a bit of luxury? Then a luxury-tented camp is the right option for you! A luxury-tented camp can be permanent or temporary camps set up in the bush, and it is a camping feeling with a big splash of luxury to it. On each camp, you will have a big king size bed with your own toilet and shower in your tent. Sit around the fireplace at night with a glass of wine and share your stories with other tourists staying at the same camp.

If you prefer the more comfortable and luxurious option, then a high-end luxury camp or lodge is the right thing for you!

If you want to be able to return to your camp in the afernoon for a glass of wine around the swimming pool watching the sunset. Or what about a relaxing massage after a full day on safari, then a luxury camp/lodge is the right thing for you. These camps are everything from high 3 stars to 5 + stars, and offer amazing service, in amazing locations!